Collections - Star Valley Pioneer Families

The following is a short list of pioneers who settled in Star Valley prior to 1886

Isaac and Adelia (Lindsay) Bigelow
The William Walton Burton Family
Charles Drake and Harriet (Gates) Cazier
Charles Gates and Susan (Bingham) Cazier
Aroet Lucius and Eliza Ann (Lee) Hale
The Harvy Dixon Family
Henry Martin and Susan (Marler) Harmon
The William Henry Kennington Family

Harmon and Annie Marie (Comper) Lehmberg
August and Ernestine Amelia (Krinkie) Lehmberg
Joseph (Old Joe) Welch and his Sons
James Lowery and Amanda Alemeda (Simmons) Sibbett

The Grant Campbell Family
James Frederick and Esther Amelia (Marriott) Brown, Sr.
Abel Moroni and Cynthia Hunt

William Henry and Sarah Ann (Marsh) Heap
Arthur Benjamin Clark Family
John and Elizabeth (Hunt) Wilkes
Abel Moroni and Cynthia Hunt

Charles and Mary Ann (Mother) Green

Henderson Taylor and Harriet (Cazier) Heninger
The Samuel Henderson Family