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Elkhorn Arch

Star Valley and Its Communities
by Lee Call

This beautiful structure consists of approximately 3,000 elk (wapiti) antlers and is the largest elkhorn arch in the world.  It is one of the most outstanding attractions for tourists in Afton and thousands stop to photograph it each year.

The structure completely spans Afton's Main Street at a height of approximately 18 feet. 

Members of the Chamber of Commerce and others conceived the idea of putting elk horns over the Main street in the early summer of 1956.  An application was made to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to obtain the necessary antlers for the project.  Most of the antlers came from the Wyoming Elk Preserve near Jackson, Wyoming.  The arch was finished in July 1958 at a cost of approximately $2,500 which was raised by the Chamber of Commerce members through contributions, donations of labor and part of their regular fees.  To duplicate this arch today would cost over $300,000 for the antlers alone. 

The elkhorn arch has been repaired and added to since its completion.  It requires a yearly coating of a special plastic finish to keep it looking new and attractive.

Location:  Downtown Afton on Hwy 89.  (GPS: 42.724309N 110.933515W)