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The Star Valley Historical Society (Afton) has partnered with the Cokeville Historical Society (Cokeville) and the Lincoln Count Historical Society (Kemmerer) to jointly develop this website to be known hereafter as Lincoln County Historical Societies. 

Although the site is sponsored by the Star Valley Historical Society, it will, in time, present a grand picture of the histories and genealogies of all of Lincoln County, Wyoming.

It's underlying theme is the presentation of almost all known cemetery headstones and burial sites located throughout Lincoln County and adjacent aeas.  From there, each historical society is pursuing a format best reflecting the history and genealogy of its respective area.

Keeping in mind that this site will always be a "work in progress",  as we receive new data from each Society the site will be updated.  

The Star Valley Historical Society was chartered by the State of Wyoming on 23 April 1983.

Mission Statement
"The mission of the Star Valley Historical Society is to advance the appreciation and study of Star Valley, Wyoming by the collection, preservation and exhibition of historically related Star Valley resources".

"Preserving Star Valley's History for Future Generations".

Major Accomplishments
   1. Establishment of the Star Valley historical calendar which is revised and offered for sale each year.

   2. Acquisition of the Old Rock Church in Auburn from the LDS Church. The building is used for summer plays.

   3. The moving and renovation of the Old LDS Church Seminary building to its new location on the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

   4. The restoration of the old Wyoming State Experiment barn as part of the State "Barn Again" project.

   5. The establishment of this website for the edification of all who wish to learn more about the history and genealogy of Star Valley.

Non-Profit Status 
We are a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization and as such, any contributions made to the Society are legally tax-deductible.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Society may do so by sending their gift to Star Valley Historical Society, POB 1212, Afton, Wyoming 83110.

Our current membership is approximately 60+ persons. Membership is open to all who wish to become associated with the Society. Application forms are available at all our public meetings. Email us for more information.

Monthly Meeting Schedule
Please check the latest issue of the Star Valley Independent for upcoming meeting date, time and location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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   2.  Copyrighted Pictures The pictures displayed within this website are copyrighted.  However, they may be downloaded and printed for personal use, if desired.  Commercialization of these pictures is forbidden.  Links to this website are encouraged; please contact us first.

   3.  Primary Versus Secondary Sources  Please do not consider the data shown herein as being "primary" information. It may contain errors and, as such, should be subjected to further investigation.

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  5.  Program Version  6.4.2

  6.  Last Update  26 May 2016

  7.  Credits MicroLogix Computer Systems, Town of Afton, Lincoln County Commissioners, Lincoln County MIS/IT, Star Valley Independent, Star Valley Branch Library and many volunteers.

Contact Us
   1.  Internet   http://www.lincolncountywy.org

   2.  Email Us  svhs@silverstar.com

   3.  Mail   Star Valley Historical Society, POB 1212, Afton, Wyoming 83110

   4.  Museum Location  138 South Washington (West First Avenue), Afton, Wyoming  83110  (GPS: 42.73160N 110.93420S)

   5.  Telephone   Not available at present